Unusual Shaped Windows

Unusually shaped curtains are made for unusually shaped windows, and it requires some thought in deciding what curtains suit the window, therefore whatever challenge your window brings Bryant Furnishing will try to think of a suitable treatment for it.

Apex window curtains are usually static at the top and held back by Italian stringing or tiebacks. A stylish window covering over unusual apex windows creates a certain elegance.

Blinds can also provide an excellent shading or dressing solution for shaped windows. A summary of shapes and suitable blind treatments are as follows:

Apex windows -
Vertical blinds. Supplied in two halves left and right. Normally the vanes are always pulled across. The vanes are tilted open or closed to control the light. However if the blind had to be stacked it can be drawn up to the longest point in the centre.
Duette or Plisse shades by Luxaflex. These extremely versatile shades can suit many shapes. They can be in one triangular piece if within the size limits or can be supplied in 2 x halves to make 2 x triangles. A number of control options are available including motorised. The blinds stack to a very discreet size exposing as much of the glass as possible. Duette shades are the best solution for black out.
Venetian blinds. These have to be static, always across the window with the vanes tilted to control the light.

Triangular / Half Apex windows.
Duette or plisse blinds by Luxaflex provide an excellent solution for these shapes. Cord controlled or motorised, sheer or blackout. There are many options of colours and textures.

Square or rectangular with triangular, arched or apex tops.
Roman blinds can suit these shapes. They stack to the highest, level point with the shaped top section remaining static.
Vertical blinds
Metal venetian blinds can be fitted to arched or semi–circular windows. They are static but the vanes can be tilted open or closed.
Duette or Plisse blinds by Luxaflex.

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