March 7th, 2017
Trends Autumn 2017

There are always trends each year, some that we love and embrace and others that you really wish would go away! If you want some advice of which ones to be following here is a guide of four that we think will be worth sticking with this autumn.


Pink has been around for a while, but it’s not going anywhere soon. It is changing from the millennial or rose pink to a slightly more salmon shade, It’s so popular that it is almost moving into the neutral department. The Little Greene paint companies Dorchester pink and Chemise falls into this category. Beautiful.


Move over copper there’s a new king in town. Brass has made a big come back, and for a good reason it’s gorgeous. It adds a little or a lot of glamour! Add something like a lamp or vase. Or go big by adding a ceiling light or a coffee table. It works well with colour from strong dark colour that are big at the moment or the softer shades like pink!

Rich Colours

Dark rich colours are having a big moment in interiors right now. Whether it’s on the walls a sofa or on it all. Being brave with colour has not been so popular since the 70’s. The darker hues of teal, dark rich blue, forest green and burnt oranges are the ones to go for. Start with a velvet cushion if you’re not sure, it will soon be spreading through the whole house.

House Plants

After pantones surprise colour of the year in 2016, going green is more than looking after the environment. Indoor plants are growing in popularity. If you are not green fingered you can fake it the quality of artificial plants are exceptional.


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